Mailing List Winners

January’s winner was Marion Heeney of Auckland, and February’s winner is Judy Bridge of Hamilton.

You too can win!

Leave a business card, or your contact details in the vase at the winery, and you could come home to a bottle of our Trophy Pinot Noir and a selection of wine infused truffles.

We’ve tweaked our label

What do you think of our 2015 label tweak?

We have let go the rocks at the bottom and given the Brightwater Star a bit of bling. Sparkling copper for the main range while the Lord Rutherford gets Gold!
Here they are fresh off the bottling line.

Caledonian Sky Tasting

There is only one cruise ship coming to Nelson this summer – the Caledonian Sky.
We were invited to show our Brightwater Vineyards wines to the 90 guests in an on-board tasting on Saturday 23 January.
The passengers all loved our wines and were very enthusiastic. Bottles were purchased and Brightwater Vineyards wines were served with the gourmet dinner that evening.